Employing social media stopping power with Solibri

Client: Solibri

The case

A leading provider of Building Information Modelling (BIM) software that is quickly growing in importance for the construction industry, Solibri needed help being noticed by architects on social media channels. We developed a branding concept that demonstrated Solibri’s key benefit in a striking film utilising “exploded view.” This film was produced by building a real 48-part architect model in a warehouse to maximise visual impact and social media stopping power. The campaign drove a significant increase in qualified traffic to the key landing pages and optimised the conversion rate from interest to lead.

“WeThink combines professional account management with great, global creative thinking. The ‘ace up their sleeve’ is their previous experience in our industry – meaning we could quickly move from product and brand discussions to campaign delivery.”

Russell Anderson, CMO at Solibri Inc.