Inspiring the youth with Dansk Metal

Client: Dansk Metal

The case

We have worked with Dansk Metal (the Danish Metalworkers Union) to tackle the problem of falling interest in skilled apprenticeships across the country. We created a campaign that focused on capturing the atmosphere of being part of a motivated, vibrant community with fellow apprentices and skilled professionals. We also showed the diversity of apprenticeship opportunities available, especially as digitalisation and the green transition drives change across many industries. Our approach highlighted the positive aspects of choosing a skilled apprenticeship as a career path, challenging any misperceptions of it being a poor career choice. To maximise reach in the target audience, we rolled the campaign out across TikTok, Twitch, Snapchat and DOOH, while also being screened in cinemas across Denmark. Overall, the campaign delivered over 10 million impressions and achieved 81.000 landing page views from students and parents.

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