Pushing the Bluebeam brand

Client: Bluebeam

The case

Bluebeam is a major player in the rapidly growing global sector of construction software. Our collaboration with Bluebeam kicked off with a widespread campaign covering various channels including LinkedIn, Facebook, Google Search and SEO as well as outdoor. The aim was firstly to raise the overall awareness of Bluebeam in the Nordics, and secondly to drive performance in the digital channels. As a result of our collaboration, brand awareness of Bluebeam in the target market has increased from 5% to an impressive 29%. Furthermore, our campaign efforts led to a notable increase of trial downloads and an overall reduction in the cost of conversion.

We increased brand awareness to



“I’ve been working with WeThink for one and a half years and they always amaze me in new ways. They are always on top of things and are way ahead in creating new ideas for us to invent ourselves and bring the best out of our brand, with the local (or global) touch that is needed. I totally rely on WeThink and as a bonus they’re such a cool bunch of people!”

Jannike Reinholdsson, Bluebeam Inc.