The importance of tracking for your business

December 20, 2021

Imagine that you have the perfect SoMe strategy for your business and you have built all the right components for the campaign including prospecting and remarketing etc. You have tested your audience that fits best with your products, or services. You, or your creative team, have produced the right content and assets for the setup including the websites and landing pages. You are ready to launch your planned SoMe strategy. Hooray!


But, then you realise that your SoMe pixel is not connected with your page and will not fire (i.e. is not trackable) nor will the conversion events attached to your campaign… Oh, no!


Not having the SoMe pixel, e.g.Facebook or LinkedIn, means that you are not collecting valuable data and insight into your customer’s behaviour. It means that if they have interacted with your SoMe ads and eventually converted, or shown genuine interest then you can’t track that and you miss those key insights.


So, the benefits of properly setting up your tracking are that you can reach that same audience that interacted with your business once and therefore most likely to again. The more conversions that come in via your ads the better your social media choice will be at delivering your ads to new potential customers. Tracking this will lead to more efficient conversion optimisation and smarter actions on the part of the algorithms.


Adding the Facebook, LinkedIn and Google pixels to your website will teach you more about your audience. Then you can base your marketing actions on that learning.


One of the most beneficial aspects of collecting data is that you can build ‘look-a-like’ audiences based on your existing audiences and their historical behaviour. This is a very efficient way to leverage the platforms’ algorithms and scale your marketing and therefore your business.


How and why to use the facebook pixel