Are you split testing your ads?

December 3, 2021

To predict which marketing strategy will serve you best for your next digital campaign can be a difficult task and at times feel almost impossible..!

One way to reduce the unpredictability and uncertainty is to get good at A/B testing. A disciplined approach to learning through A/B tests is all about picking winners and over time knowing the right tool/s for a particular job.Typically, your options fall into two categories. Either you want to A/B test and refine your campaign’s advertising objective/s and audience/s for your planned digital campaign. Or, you want to A/B test a campaign’s different creatives and text copy against each other to see if you understand your audience group of your business.For this to be done the right way, the campaigns need to be set up properly with a correct setup, and with equal propositions. How do you ensure the optimal utilization of synergies between your current website, social media channels, current materials and creatives, including your toolbox, and the new digital marketing initiatives without creating cannibalization on existing platforms?

Using our proprietary channel planning CobWeb Architecture, we always have a comprehensive overview of your channels, we see how they support and help each other to get the best out of each tool.


The many channels should therefore not be seen as cannibalizing each other but rather supporting each other in branding, informing and communicating with your target groups.


We have the whole world as our market and each country has channels that are used differently or very little compared to other countries. E.g. Germany is not in use of LinkedIn as much but is more on Xing. Therefore, we need to continue with all other channels and optimize and research more other ways in relation to the individual markets and development.


The world´s digital evolution and trends are moving so fast that when we start using a system, it is already obsolete as the next update has already come.


We are therefore in a world where we can not predict the future, but only through tests, learnings and new insights. These guide us forward by selecting communication channels and elements that we assume will cover and interest our target groups.


We have found many rewarding learnings, and we believe that the optimizations that have been made, together with our CobWeb, will continue to be a good benchmark in the future.


The trends and developments of the future are connected, and when we mix them with our experiences and insights, we find the methods we need to use.


Having a well planned strategy over your next digital campaign steps will improve your overall performance. We can help you!



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